Partners and Resources

TK CarsitesTK Carsites – In the world of automotive marketing, TK Carsites reigns supreme in website design, SEO, and social media marketing for car dealers. As owners of Hasai, we work hand-in-hand to deliver results across all channels.

SoshableSocial Media Blogs – Soshable is a “to the point” social media blog that only focuses on the issues that truly affect those needing social media strategy. You won’t find contests or sponsored promotions here, only the most relevant social media content.

Column FiveColumn Five Media - When it comes to infographic design, content creation, viral marketing, and social media strategy, few match what CFM has been able to accomplish over the last 2 years. We highly recommend them.

TECHiTECHi – There are hundreds of quality tech blogs out there, but being “fresh and never boring” is what separates Techi from the others. Rather than simply stating the news, Techi finds the interesting spin to everything tech that will bring insights unlike anyone else.