About Hasai

Our focus on the highest-level of social media strategy is the key to (y)our success.

We are a social media strategy firm that specializes in helping companies and websites craft viral content. Once crafted, we position it in ways that give it the best chance of achieving natural pickup. We do not believe in unnatural techniques. It’s all about quality.

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Facebook Marketing

With 600 million users, your business needs a strong Facebook marketing strategy.

Facebook is huge, but you knew that. What you may not have known is that by applying the right strategy, implementing a proper course, and utilizing the resources available to everyone, it can be the most powerful marketing tool on the Internet for many businesses. Learn how we do it.

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Viral Marketing

If your put out a message and nobody sees or hears it, did you really put out anything at all?

Getting your message out there requires venues through which your message can be received. Exposure through social media is challenging but it can be accomplished. We are social media users. We believe in the highest quality content rising to the top.

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