The Power of Empathy in Social Media


Trying to take advantage of trends or memes on the internet is often the biggest mistake that brands can make when they dive into social media as a marketing or engagement platform. They see a funny lolcat or attack to the wrong Twitter hashtag, mess around with the content a little, and think they’ve created viral gold.

In most cases, they end up embarrassing their company or making people mad for the attempt.

There are ways to do it. “Going viral” isn’t as hard as most believe. The first and easiest step is to appeal to the empathic nature of people and social media in general. Below, Chris Menning at Buzzfeed gives us a very straight-forward overview of how and why empathizing is the key to going viral, whether for marketing or simply to gain exposure.

Viral Empathy

Utilizing Empathy

Internet Memes

Blogs and Memes


No Milk

Empathizing and Sharing



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Unexpectedly Viral

Tumblr Viral



Google Meme


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