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As Facebook grows to 800 million users and continues its domination on social networking, most marketing firms and businesses have integrated it as the central piece to their social media strategy. The biggest challenge is in figuring out exactly what to do with it.

At Hasai, we understand that when “the sky’s the limit” many will fail to get off the ground. It’s simple to understand, really. Like a kid in a candy store who sees much more than any one person can eat in one sitting, many marketing firms use a “ready, fire, aim” approach to Facebook that yields limited results.

The perceptions surrounding Facebook fall into two opposing principles:

  1. It’s absolutely humongous and businesses should be using it to reach the masses.
  2. It’s personalized in a way that focuses on friends and family.

The two principles appear completely different, even opposite on the surface, but one feeds the other and visa-versa. A proper strategy uses the sheer size of Facebook to target the personalized nature of the site. Simultaneously, the only way to appeal to the masses is through the viral groundswell that occurs when friends share with friends.

Where Many Go Wrong

The search for a unified Facebook strategy is futile. The combination of goals, resources, exposure, and budget factor into putting together a proper strategy. One size definitely does not fit all.

Every client goes through a rigorous interview and assessment based upon the 4 primary criteria before a single concept or strategy is implemented. The beauty of Facebook and social media marketing in general is that there are many roads to success. Unfortunately, there are even more roads to failure.

At Hasai, we believe in finding the best possible strategy that is custom tailored to fit with the business’ or publication’s needs. We don’t believe in “outside of the box” thinking because we don’t believe that a box actually exists when it comes to Facebook marketing. With no box, everything is outside (and that’s a good thing).

The Solution is Personal

Given the opportunity, we believe we have the experience and insight to craft the right strategy for each individual client. For some, aggressive campaigns to draw in as many “likes” to a page is the first order of business. For others, generating engaging content that can spread quickly is the key. Apps play a role for some but are unnecessary for others.

The key to our style and philosophy is that we examine every aspect of our clients’ online and offline marketing assets and apply a creative solution to determine the right strategies. Facebook is loaded with potential. Don’t waste it. Contact us today and start down the road to social media success.

About JD Rucker

JD is Founder of Dealer Authority, an automotive social media firm.

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